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OMSI and Sherlock

Skye and I went to OMSI today to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. (It is very similar to the Seattle Science Center.) As we were about the walk through the front door, we noticed a sign that stated they weren’t selling any tickets for the exhibition because of congestion. BUT they would allow people who had pre-ordered to still view the event. Mildly discouraged, we started to walk away. Skye stopped and said, “I wonder if you can still buy them online.”

So, while standing in the courtyard she used her magical iPhone to buy two tickets and we went back inside. We waited in line and asked the guy if he could print them for us. He said sure and that the line for the exhibit was kind of long and that we might want to hang out for a minute before braving the line. So, Skye bought two tickets for the Beatles laser show scheduled to start in twelve minutes.

We went and waited for the theatre to open. I listened to the women behind me discuss England’s complicated relationship with fictional/mythical persons. Skye and I discussed the US monetary system and some of the math involved. The doors opened and we were allowed to enter the auditorium. Seats were chosen, spiel was given about food and phones. Just as the lights were dimming the little boy who had been screaming his head off said, “Nigh nigh.”

After about 30 seconds it became clear that neither of us was ‘altered’ enough to be there. Some of the animations were cute and backgrounds interesting. After which we entered an engaging round of “Wrong Line.”

Line 1: Thought it was the line for the Exhibit. Nope line to buy tickets.

(Showed our tickets and were directed up the stairs.)

Line 2: Nope, go back down stairs and look for the roped off area by the elevator.

Line 3: Waiting. Waiting. Now ride the elevator back upstairs and get into…

Line 4: Waiting. Waiting. Make a U-turn. Look at the new transit bridge and the submarine out the windows. Get to the head of the line-ish and follow the people in front of us…. because no one said stay.

Line 5: Oh crap! You weren’t supposed to follow those people. We promise to wait RIGHT HERE until you open the holding pen rope.

Line 6: Yay! We made it to the final holding pen! Here’s your crime solvers note book. Yay! Here’s your stamp of entry! Yay! Now go around the corner and wait for  the guard…. what?

Line 7: Stand just outside the exhibit until the bored girl lets you in.

YAY! We’re in.

Section the first: Displays about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Section the second: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey. Hey kids this is a wireless. This is Scotland Yard. This is how you make a rubbing and do a little bit of bullet trajectory analysis.

Section the third: Welcome to Bakers Street.

Section the four: Try to solve the crime like Sherlock. (While being patient for things to be read to the children who really just want to push the buttons.)

Section the fourth.2: YAY! you (maybe) solved the crime!

Section the fifth: This is how Sherlock has been intregrated and readapted for different audiences. (Also, check out these modern updates.)

Section the sixth: BUY SOME SHWAG!!!

Section the seventh: Flee! There have too made small children mistaking you for their parents and running into your legs!

Overall, I enjoyed the exhibit. Lots of fun stuff to look at. They tried really hard to make it interactive and engaging for multiple age levels (to varying degrees of success).

I would like to go back to the planetarium and see something that is not a laser show. All in all I am glad we went.

I <3 Portland

Recently I made the move to Portland, OR. I had been commuting from Seattle to Portland every other weekend, or so, for the last three years. As part of a ‘Welcome to Portland’ party, I asked guests to give me a things they liked to do in the area.

Here is what they gave came up with:

If you have others to add, enter them into the comments below.